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you are the smell before the rain, you are the blood in my veins.

External Services:
  • the_wonderkind@livejournal.com

rules when taking my fanart:
• I'm not a credit freak at all so credit me if you want.
• If you do credit me, please credit the_wonderkind
• If you like my stuff or take something, please comment. Feedback is what makes it all worthwhile.
• Feel free to friend me if you want to keep track of my artwork.


about me:
ERICA. 17. California. obsessive. in love with instrumental movie soundtracks. photographer. idealist. lover of all things magical.

Star Wars. Moulin Rouge. LORD OF THE RINGS. Garden State. fringe. Bones. TWILIGHT | DREAM TEAM. Moonlight. Harry Potter. James Franco. ben barnes. Tuck Everlasting. Chronicles of Narnia. a great and terrible beauty.

some things to know:
I get really obsessed with fandoms, then ignore them for months on end. I am not a fan of romantic comedies. I have probably seen Lord of the Rings and Star Wars more than twenty times. Each. I will reread books up to ten times. I love clothes and fashion and sewing. I run my own fashion blog. Photoshop is my passion, second only to drawing.