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04 February 2010 @ 03:37 pm
So this mix has been finished since a week after I first saw Avatar in early January. And I've had this post pretty much done for over three weeks. But between a faulty internet connection and an obscene amount of homework, I haven't been able to get around to it til now. And I have two more mixes ready to go- one Star Wars Ep. II and one for A Great and Terrible Beauty. So be looking for those sometime later this week.

Okay, now a note on Avatar: I loved it. And I know this is all cliche and crowd-following, but it really was quite fantastic. Anyone who likes Star Wars, or action flicks, or fantasy will love it. I really didn't have any complaints. And what's even better? It's going to be a trilogy. May we celebrate? YES! I don't know when the second movie is set to come out but you can bet that I will be pre-ordering my Avatar DVD as soon as they're available. Anywho, I've got some icons and a nice little mix for y'all. Enjoy :]

A Jake&Neytiri Fanmix

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music: shutting down grace's lab - james horner
i've caught the new moon fever. i haven't started counting down, but i plan to attend the midnight premiere. on a school night. and of course, whenever i catch an obsession, i make a soundtrack. So here's my fake movie soundtrack for New Moon. And a new moon layout! So enjoy the music and please leave me feedback!!

New Moon
Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

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music: what have i done- anna ternheim
05 July 2009 @ 10:08 am
last night i started reading "need" by carrie jones; finished reading it this morning. sort of corny i suppose but such a good read! anyway, i felt that it deserved a soundtrack for anyone who chooses to read it. it's a combination of regular and instrumental songs, because the mood of the story required some instrumental music to make it feel right. and again, just click the music notes to download the songs! and *SPOILER ALERT* For each song I described why I chose it and where it fits into the story, so beware- there be spoilers ahead!

The Soundtrack

pixiophobia: a fear of pixies, often triggered by their trail of gold, glittery dustCollapse )
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music: the voice in the woods - christopher young
01 July 2009 @ 11:26 am
in a week and a half, i'm off to a month-long art program down in L.A. and since i'll be away from home for so long, i decided to stock up on new music. i downloaded some twilight fanmixes, and decided to make a mix of my own. i'd been working on a star wars mix for a while but this new music was far superior to the set i had before. and note: click the music notes to download the songs!

Let It Burn
A Revenge of the Sith Mix

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music: collect call- metric
i've got so much stuff in this post- much more than i originally anticipated. first off i've got an instrumental new moon mix that i've been working on for months and have finally decided to just post. and then some icons and wallpapers because i've had a lot of new pictures to work with.

[1] New Moon Fanmix
[51] Twilight/New Moon icons
[1] Twilight wallpaper
[1] Kristen Stewart wallpaper
[2] Star Wars wallpapers


x x

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reading: bedroom
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music: please don't touch- polly scattergood